Corpus-Scientia is a online fitness community unlike no other! Our goal is to have the a community that contains the most thought provoking and honest discussions on the internet. We are a Bullsh*t free zone! This is because there is no outside influence on our message boards. No companies endlessly pimping products and board reps silencing members calling them out.

Since we know you are tired of the endless salesmanship of slick advertisers, and scummy board reps, we know you will fit right in, here.

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Meathead discussions

We geek out on all aspects of training. From how to get bigger to how to get stronger and everything in between. Training programs, individual routines, exercise selection, periodization, front squat vs back squat, HIIT, etc

Research based discussions

We have a whole forum on research papers. From sharing the latest finds we come across to delving into the nitty gritty science behind them to understand what are the practical takeaways in layman terms.

Free food and drink!

Corpus-Scientia can be thought of as sort of an online version of a night out with your friends having a few drinks. Conversations and atmosphere is laid back and the topics range anywhere from what is the best computer to buy to digging into the research behind the latest fitness trends and seeing if there is anything there


Lots and lots of talks about food. We all love to eat and like to show off what we made and get ideas on what to make next.

Below are just a few of our forums.
  •  Research
    • Full test requests
  • Training and Nutrition
    • Training
    • Workout Logs
    • Nutrition
  • Health and Longevity
    • Nootropics
    • Neuroscience
    • Life Extension
  • Anabolic Steroids, Prohormones & Other Performance Enhancers
    • Anabolics
    • Ergogenics
  • The Basement
    • Off-topic banter



Frequently Asked Questions
How is this board different from all the others?

As mentioned above, this board has no sponsors meaning there are no financial ties and obligations to any companies. This allows for true honest and open conversations to occur

If there are no sponsors, how does the board maintain?

The board functions with sort of a co-op type model. Every so often we will have a donation drive from our members and with these funds we are able to pay the hosting fees and keep the lights on. This allows us to maintain the free from company bias environment since our only obligation is to you, the members.

What are the board rules?

Essentially the main rule we have is, don’t be a dick. All we ask is our member respect each other and other than that everything else is OK

OMG, this board sounds amazing! Where have you been all my life?

Corpus-Scientia started as a private board by a hand full of people who were tired of the same supplement selling driven environment of all the other boards and wanted a space free from all the B.S. to actually discuss and learn. We have finally decided it was time to open up our doors and let others in


They love it. Read what our current members have to say!


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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